Selective Outcry: The World Came Together After the Paris and Brussels Terrorist Attacks, But Who Will #PrayForNigeria?

boko haram are just as dangerous as isis the media just doesnt tell you about them bc they dont attack the west — Modern Black Youth (@ItsYourBoySas) March 25, 2016


Comment on peut brûler des enfants ? Mais le pire c’est d’apprendre ça 2 mois après PrayForNigeria &;&; — African girl (@AbibaNdome) March 25, 2016


If only the Boko Harams of Africa could fight western imperialists like they do their own people we’d be prosperous PrayForNigeria — Black YouTuber (@SabeloMabida) March 25, 2016


The nations of the world are outraged and saddened by the Brussels terror attacks staged by ISIS operatives, in which 31 people were killed and 330 were injured — as they should. However, there needs to be outrage when ALL acts of terrorism occur.


The sad world we live in when Hannah Montana gets tweeted about more than Nigeria PrayForNigeria — Anthony McBrien (@AnthonyMcBrien) March 25, 2016


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