Great Show @ZoWilliams “The Black ENTERTAINMENT & Media Slave industry”

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4-25-16 #ZoWhat? show exclusively on www.TRADIOV.COM 11am PST

“The Black ENTERTAINMENT & Media Slave industry” why is there a lack of Black ownership in Media/entertainment?

With Special Guests:
Dr. Boyce Watkins &
Antonio Moore esquire

Also with Geoff Brown, & Dr. Mark Ghoulston


We’re Michael Jackson & on to something when they set the example of ownership of their musical legacy?

What benefits are there to be gained in the black community having a collective entrepreneurial mindset?

True or false?
The median black family in Los Angeles has only 1% of the wealth as median ( LA) white family?

True or false?
The median Mexican family in LA is worth 3,500?

True or false?
The median white family has a net worth of 330,000?

With nearly 110,000 of that in liquid assets?

Why do so many talented black artist want to make it in Hollywood?

How much disposable income does the average black family have in their savings account?

Are African-Americans conditioned to be the world’s most revenue as consumers?

What percentage of black families’ actually own their own home?

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