Oya rise of the Orisas – African Superhero Movie

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The worlds first African superhero movie – a taster.
To pre-order the new mini series ‘Yemoja: Rise of the Orisha’, visit nosa-filmmaker.com

This project is based on the inspired by the anceint african deities known as Orixa and traditions of Yoruba people as well as Candomble, Santeria and Umbanda among others.


Disconnected from the natural essence of Orisha.
Fuelled by hate, war and destruction. This world teeters on chaos.

This world needs change. This world needs Oya: Orisha of the hurricane, goddess of the wind. Step into her world, as Oya goes on a mission to stop a lunatic, intent on killing an innocent.
If change is to come. Evil must be defeated. The Orisha must rise.

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Twitter: @riseoftheorisha

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