Mildred Loving’s Grandson – Not a fan of the film ‘Loving’ “My Grandmother Was Indian”

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The grandson of the late Mildred Loving criticizes the latest Hollywood biopic depicting the woman and her husband Richard Loving’s fight to be legally married in 1958.

The film “Loving” — directed by Jeff Nichols and starring Joel Edgerton and Ruth Negga — is about that legal fight striking down Virginia’s Racial Integrity Act that prohibited legal marriages between the races. The 1958 historic Supreme Court decision in Loving v. Virginia changed everything for interracial couples across the country.

While Mildred and Richard Loving made history as the first legal Black and white marriage, grandson Mark Loving disputes the film’s depiction.

In an interview with Richmond, Virginia’s WWBT, Mark Loving states that his grandmother never claimed to be Black. -via Atlanta Black Star

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