Wild In The Wind | Full Movie | Directed and Written by Ejiro Okorodudu

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“Wild In The Wind” – Full Movie.

Directed and Written by Ejiro Okorodudu, “Wild In The Wind” is a psychological drama which serves as her directorial debut. The short film stars Ejiro Okorodudu and Rufaro Chinyanganya.

“Wild In The Wind” chronicles a day in the life of a young Woman (Okorodudu) as she fights with the darkest thoughts of her mind. Feeling defeated and left confused by the direction her thoughts have been pushing her, she wakes up that morning set with an agenda. As we journey through her day, we see varying actions as a result of her state of mind.

In its particular style and theme, “Wild In The Wind” is inspired by, visual art, contemporary dance, and jazz music.

Ejiro Okorodudu is joined behind the camera by cinematographer, Dennis Schmitz. The film was shot in London, United Kingdom and produced by 55media.

Genre: Psychological drama
Cast: Ejiro Okorodudu, Rufaro Chinyanganya
Directed by: Ejiro Okorodudu
Written by: Ejiro Okorodudu and Uche Aguh
Cinematography by: Dennis Schmitz
Produced by: 55media

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